Teodora, an emerging brand of women's luxury clothing, was created in 2021 from the creative flair of the Milanese art director Francesca Partesi.

A long experience in the world of photography.

Teodora, an ideal projection of the inner world of its founder, almost assumes a human, dreamlike, aspirational identity.

Not a simple brand, but rather a philosophy of life.

Teodora is a carefree woman who dances barefoot on the beach, in the light of the sunset, with the wind caressing her hair.

Made in Italy

Dresses, kimonos, jackets, jumpsuits, skirts and pants, handcrafted according to the standards of Made in Italy excellence, with extreme attention to detail and finishes, in a historic tailoring workshop in Milan.

The fine silk of the Teodora designer garments gracefully caresses the female silhouette.

Soft, fluid, light lines glide on the body naturally, enveloping it like a second skin

The choice of fabrics is very important, Most of the silks they used are made in Como (Italy).

Teodora Girls

The outfits are designed to be worn for everyday life, in any occasion, from morning to evening, for a walk by the sea at sunrise or for an elegant cocktail at dusk, with freedom to express yourself, without any restraints.

The woman who dresses Teodora is serene, cheerful, cosmopolitan, nomadic, sensual, seductive, in harmony with her inner universe and with the world around her.

She is a free woman, capable of daring, expressing herself without censorship and external constraints.

She enjoys the moment with spontaneity, in direct contact with the simplicity of nature.

Always with a smile on her face.